Why are people obsessed with live stream shopping?

Why are people obsessed with live stream shopping?

Live stream shopping has been the hot topic of the year ever since the pandemic started. But why? In this article we’ll explain bits of why people are into live stream shopping. Enjoy!

Before starting, maybe you’re wondering how a live stream shopping platform looks like… Check out this cool website! It’s a free live stream shopping platform for brands and small businesses. Even viewers can register for free too. For brands and small businesses that has a Shopify account, save the hassle and download the app, this helps speed up live stream shopping account set up.

  1. Remote shopping

Ever since the pandemic started people are now cautious and they would prefer to stay at home. Even at this endemic era, most countries haven’t opened their borders yet and this is why remote shopping is preferred.

2. The human touch

People are forced to stay at home, out of communication. For extroverts this might be hell. Well, not to fear, with live stream shopping, you can have a decent chat with hosts and others that shares the same interest as the extroverts in real-time! They have formed a special community through live stream shopping.

3. The attention to detail

Besides shopping safely, shoppers can ask the host, what does the inside look like? What is it made of? What other benefits does the product have? What are the dos and don’ts? and many more questions they can think of.

4. The entertainment

Live stream shopping is versatile, it can be done for giveaways, product launches, demos, question and answers, bids and discounts. This is why live stream shopping are used by brands to market their products.

5. The accessibility

Live stream shopping allows people from far areas to shop as if they are in the retail store and people can also shop at the comfort of their home. It is relaxing to know that shopping is just at the touch of your fingertips.

6. Limitation

The time limit that a live stream shopping has creates a sense of urgency for shoppers and they love it. The fact that it only lasts 1–2 hours makes a live stream shopping special because the experience can never be replicated again.

7. Hosts

Brands have used famous influencers and celebrities to host their live stream shopping. Who wouldn’t watch their favorite influncer or celebrities in real time? And when you text in the chat, there’s chances they’ll say hi. This is what makes people surge for live stream shopping.

8. A new experience

Even though live stream shopping isn’t something completely new, it is an advanced version of everything that has existed before, from QVCs, e-commerce. The hybrid version of the existing stuff we have adapted our lives with and it is an amazing experience.

9. Fast check out

Live stream shopping platforms eases customers without them having to go to multiple websites just to purchase a product. When they’re checking out the live stream shopping event will still be on screen so they are not missing on anything. Furthermore, the accessibility of them to use vouchers or shopping coupon codes given out during the live stream adds the excitement.

10. Free

Who doesn’t love free services right? The only thing that customers have to pay is when they are purchasing a product and this is why live stream shopping events are fun to watch. On top of free view, they also get good deals on products while watching the live stream shopping events.

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