Tips for a successful live stream shopping event

Find out what might suit you best with a few tips for a successful live stream shopping event! Not only through organised structure of the live stream with external factors too!

Before that, check out our website to see what is live stream shopping all about. We also offer KuickCLIPS! Short video clips with a duration of 30 to 60 seconds that shoppers can swipe left to see more and swipe right to buy! Any Shopify store owners here? Check out our app here!

Now let’s get started!

Influencers or Celebrities with Trending Events

Celebrities might be over the top for a small business but influencers! Influencers are available everywhere and some brands even look for nano influencers which means they have a small following of less than 5000 to achieve that closure look of a brand. Live stream shopping events are highly driven by hosts as well as events. Influencers and Black Friday sale!? People will go crazy and will rush to shop immediately. This is an effective and common approach that helps brand to shoot up their sales as well as help influencers earn money as well as increase their following. It’s a win-win situation for both sides! On top of that customers will be happy to get their shopping done.

Content with Creativity

Although live stream shopping events are always more towards the influencer. This doesn’t stop you from hosting live stream shopping events, if you have a creative approach towards a live stream shopping event, you will also get views. Such as including humorous inside the live stream by wearing something odd or include some interactive games, where the fastest viewer that can guess the product right gets 10% off. People love interaction and a sense of achievement so they would love to join again in an attempt to feel lucky. Keeping an audience caught up with these creative contents and engaging with them will help you stand out and increase your following base as a brand.

Long Live Streams

For performance, long live streams held a better position in attracting engagement with the customers. They feel safe and they don’t have the sense of urgency and they can shop calmly. Longer live stream shopping events also gives you proper presentation on how your product can be used and how it looks. Customers get full details on the product and when they shop, then the product arrives in their doorstep it looks exactly the same as shown during the live stream shopping event. Other than that, in the beginning of a live stream shopping event, only a few will start to join and longer live streams will be able to attract and retain more as they are engaged and people will share links so their families and friends can watch. It is also a good tip to mention products you have already talked about halfway through the live stream and reintroduce the new comers to keep viewers engaged and updated on what’s currently being talked about on the live stream shopping event.

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Kuick is a new interactive LIVE Shopping APP. Follow us on Linkedin! For more details >

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Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP

Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP

Kuick is a new interactive LIVE Shopping APP. Follow us on Linkedin! For more details >

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