Live Streams Revive ‘Shoppertainment’ for a Luxury Consumer

Commonly when it comes to live stream shopping, all we can think of is deals, sales that are usually affordable priced. But now Tatcha, a luxury Japanese skin care brand are changing things. Even consumers now are not only limited to regular consumers but are also now gaining it’s exposure to luxury consumers.

The founder, Vicky Tsai, hosted a live stream shopping event: a sensitive skin ritual on a live stream shopping app called Livescale. Livescale is known to host brands for live stream shopping events.

If you would like to host one, host with Kuick. Kuick provides a free live stream shopping service. Free registration, free membership, free consultation and free live stream shopping events. It is only paid when you are able to make sales/ transactions inside the live stream shopping. Allow free integration with Kuick’s Shopify App if you have a Shopify store so you can save the hassle of creating a new account.

Now back to Tatcha, Vicky sitting in a purple housecoat applies makeup remover while saying “We have always believed that skincare is self-care. One of the ways to make this sweet little ritual a true self-care ritual for you, is to put an intention into it.”

Through Livescale, every time a new product is offered through the live stream, a buy button will pop up while also showing a promo code with 20% off in a banner form as well as an option to add to cart while they can still watch the video and ask questions to Tsai.

This is just an example of how exciting live stream shopping can be, as products are being shown with the intention of video sales, they are a great way of adverting the products.

Live stream shopping is certainly gaining it’s spotlight and even more so with Black Friday happening different this year, more luxury brands are resorting towards live stream shopping events. Several of them are Saks Fifth Avenue to Swiss cigars as well as skincare, Tatcha. Instagram have also stepped up their games with celebrity hosting the live stream events with holiday gifts on the shopping tab.

“Pre-pandemic, luxury sales relied on high-touch interactions between a store sales associate, but this isn’t always possible now,” says Shikha Jain, a partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in luxury goods.

“In a remote and virtual environment, live streams are the closest ways to replicate that personal experience,” Jain says.

Livescale has been used by luxury brands such as L’Oreal, Lancome, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kiehl’s , as well as smaller companies like jewelry brand Mejuri and beauty product brand Beekman 1802.

Luxury brands typically has an intimidating looking boutiques with appointment only access and doormen. It may be exclusive but it can scare off potential customers. however, through live stream shopping events, it has made these luxurious products open to people who would love to purchase one.

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