Live Stream Shopping in Europe

We have seen live stream shopping being talked about in China and in The US. Do European countries see a need to adapt to live stream shopping or is it not in their favor?

From some research, there seems to be a growth of live stream shopping interest in Europe in early 2021. Consumers in Europe are getting inspired through live stream shopping and they shop clothes and other fashion items there. During the pandemic, 70% of survey conducted by Forrester and AliExpress has shown that consumers from UK, Spain, France and Poland showed interest in this new form of online shopping.

Brands such as Ikea has tapped into Alibaba’s 3D showroom where there is a virtual walkthrough of a full Ikea store experience. While cosmetics such as YSL and Estee Lauder promote their best sellers through live stream shopping during International Women’s Day.

In the UK, the consumers focus more towards trustworthy and entertaining content that is mobile friendly. For French consumers, they would prefer brief content that are endorsed by influencers. In Spain, the consumers look for best deals and practical information in a live stream shopping event. While in Poland, they value interactions and other customers.

The result from the pandemic has caused the European market to adapt to new changes which consumers are also enjoying. 31% of the surveyed consumers said that their purchases increase towards online shopping and half of the consumers enjoyed shoppertainment, which is live stream shopping.

Where to check out live stream shopping platforms?

You can try Kuick. Kuick is a global platform that allows brands and small businesses to use free live stream shopping services as well as free registration for viewers. If you own a Shopify store, be sure to check out our app here.

Streams.Live, a live stream shopping platform based in Romania. They offer one to one live streams or one to many live stream shopping services.

Bambuser, with over 195 active countries and interface in 35 languages. Note that Bambuser app is not free, however, they have packages that brands can choose to subscribe.

LiveBuy, which integrates live streams into your online website with no upfront cost and no monthly costs. You only have to pay when you use their services.

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Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP




Kuick is a new interactive LIVE Shopping APP. Follow us on Linkedin! For more details >

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Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP

Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP

Kuick is a new interactive LIVE Shopping APP. Follow us on Linkedin! For more details >

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