Live Stream Shopping Features That Kuick Provides

What is Kuick?

Kuick is a live stream shopping platform that provides free services for brands and small businesses that would like to start a live stream shopping event. Registration is free and there are no membership charges upon registering. You can sign up using gmail or even your preferred email.

Kuick is available for download in the Apple Store, GooglePlay and Huawei’s App Gallery and of course, it’s free. But the Kuick app is only for viewers and users can host a live stream through their smartphones but it will be through your smartphone’s website like Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and so on.

The features:

Real Time Chat for Live Stream Shopping

Real time chat

In Kuick, we have a real time chat feature that allows viewers to chat and ask questions directly to the hosts. The host in return can respond via live or even have a customer support that will help in replying any questions asked in the live stream shopping event.

Instant Add To Cart During Live Stream Shopping

Instant add to cart

While watching the live stream shopping, viewers can instantly add to cart the products they would like to purchase and they can easily check out without missing the live or even going to another different website because transaction happens inside Kuick.

Heart Reactions during Live Stream Shopping

Heart Reactions

Give unlimited heart reactions to the host to show your support and the heart reactions are free of charge! No coins needed in order to give reactions during the live stream shopping.

Shopify for Live Stream Shopping


We have our Shopify available for download. For Shopify users, our Shopify app helps to speed up the process of creating your account. All your products are automatically uploaded inside your Kuick account and you are ready to start your live stream shopping event. And your viewers get to enjoy watching lives either from Kuick or from your own website.

Stripe or Paypal Payments for Live Stream Shopping

Stripe/ Paypal payments

We offer various payment methods including Stripe or Paypal so your customers wouldn’t need to worry on difficulty to make the payment. They can check out with ease and all you need to do is update the status of their order through Kuick’s website where Kuick will notify your customers via their account as well as their email.

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Kuick’s Shopify App

Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP



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