Kuick — Live Shopping Solution

Host your own live stream shopping event with Kuick! We provide a free live stream shopping service for brands and small businesses as well as resellers. You simply sign up and you can check out and host our live stream shopping platform. Your customers also don’t have to pay any membership or registration fee to get started, all they have to do is sign up for an account and they can enjoy watching your lives and get shopping.

Brands and small businesses only have to upload products they want to sell in the live stream or upload as many and you can choose which products you would feature in the live stream. Bonus: We have a Shopify App! So this means if you own a Shopify store, you simply have to download our app and your products will be uploaded automatically to your Kuick account.

Customers and viewers get a very convenient way of shopping, all they have to do is browse the product they want and they can check out once they’re happy. The transaction will only take around 1 minute or even less! They don’t even miss out on the live stream shopping event because the transaction is in the same app.

What makes live stream shopping so efficient is that all the data is in one system and you’ll have it under control from transactions, orders, traffic and many more! You are able to get insights from live stream shopping. Ask your customers what they would like to see more, see which products are added to the cart in the live stream.

There is even no limitation on how many products you want to upload. Upload as many as you wish and you get to enjoy an experience that can be considered as a premium membership but without having to spend on anything.

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Kuick’s Shopify App

Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP



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