Kuick Announces ‘KuickCLIPS’ Shoppable Short Clips

Kuick aims to expand their services with brands and businesses to not only do their live stream shopping events but start sending short video clips too! With features that looks like the combination of TikTok and Tinder, you can now watch short clips and at the same time swipe not on people but products too. This new feature can be seen in the app and it’s known as KuickCLIPS.

KuickCLIPS lets brands and small businesses upload short clips, usually the duration of these clips range from 60–90 seconds, so within this time frame you can do a brief voice over of the product or even add music showing the product in different angles or even how it’s used.

As shoppers, what they will be seeing is a short clip where there will be features that let them read more about the product if they want to know and they can swipe right to instantly add it to cart or swipe left to see other products.

Interested? Click here to contact us! For brands that wants to register for live stream, we have a Shopify APP that you can use to speed up your account set up, click here!

KuickCLIPS is a great feature for brands and businesses that don’t want to host live stream shopping events or wish to make more sales without going on live stream 24 hours a day. Shoppers also get the shoppertainment experience using KuickCLIPS and they don’t have to watch live streams or lengthy descriptions of a product.

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Kuick’s Shopify App

Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP



Kuick is a new interactive LIVE Shopping APP. Follow us on Linkedin! https://tinyurl.com/KuickLinkedinDetails. For more details > https://www.monde.biz/kuick

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