Everything has an impact and yes, letting emotions drive our purchse decisions causes something too; where we end up buying more than we need, spending more than we should.

Increased consumerism has broader and more insidious implications.

The more we buy, the more we affect the environment. Even if you bought products that are produced sustainably. A Stanford Social Innovation Review article in 2016 argued that there is no such thing as a green product. Even though the environmental impact of green products is lower than that of regular products, they still exert a toll on the environment throughout their product life cycles.

Why? This is because it is simply impossible to eliminate any process to get the product we wanted. Production of all products and services will require extraction of natural resources and the production process will also create waste. An example is electric cars. Car manufacturers are promoting electric cars as the car for the future. Yes, they are environmentally friendly, but these cars still need a massive supply of electricity to charge. The battery packs still require a lot of raw materials to produce and needs to be disposed of subsequently. So just because we purchase electric cars does not mean there is no impact on the environment.

This is why when sales like 11/11 happen, be sure to spend wisely and even better, to spend none at all unless getting necessities that are discounted at a good price. Often, online reviews are so persuasive you will be tempted to try and buy one too. To see if the product is really worthy. To be more environmentally conscious, you have to determine whether you really need the product or just simply curious and want to try.

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Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP

Kuick: LIVE Shopping APP

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