How to make NFTs

To make NFTs, there are various options that you can choose but the most important part about making an NFT is the details when uploading the digital art/ file and paying the minting fee. If you want to sell your own NFT, with the details and minting fee already been done, you can easily put it on various NFT marketplaces.

People have been uploading NFTs and even celebrities, digital artists and creatives are all working on putting their artwork inside the blockchain. Paintings, songs and even collectible NBA trading cards are some of the things people put/ have been minting. NFT is known to be a way of proving authenticity and ownership of one’s creative work.

If you are talented or even lucky, you can earn quite a decent amount. Think NFT as a digital collectible record/ one of a kind painting. If there is a demand for your NFT, prices will rocket sky high. An example is Beeple, who sold an NFT called “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” for more than $69 million.

Other than Beeple, you can see the image below for other people who earn by selling NFTs.

Before you can start minting your own NFTs, you’re going to require three things: Your OWN song, artwork/ collectible. Some crypto to pay the minting fee and cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto when people make transactions.

An important note is also choosing the blockchain on where you are creating the NFTs.


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