How Technology Enhances Live Stream Shopping

How Technology Enhances Live Stream Shopping

Thanks to technology, live stream shopping is made possible. Live stream shopping is the best sought for marketing strategy that has been popular with brands, small businesses and individuals that would like to review and sell. With advanced technology, live stream shopping has been able to add unique features that makes it even more interesting and fun.

Improvised recommendations: Usually in an online website during live stream shopping, you will notice “People Also Bought”, “You May Also Like” which are product recommendations that resembles close to the product you are eyeing on. This is a new feature that AI technology has been instilled to help viewers and buyers get the products they are looking for based on the suggestions. Scarily as it is, it’s amazing how this AI technology has been so precise in narrowing down the items that sellers won’t miss the opportunity to capture viewer’s attention on their product and convert them into a customer.

Sense of being live: When you hear the word technology, you’ll think of robots and machines. Now, technology has evolved that it has become real-time. It helps bring products to live through the screen of laptops/ computers by live stream shopping. Live stream shopping has the ability to create huge engagements with the viewers where they can personally chat with the seller/ host. This is why it creates a special relationship between the seller and the viewers.

High information density: Technology has been able to sustain and retain a huge amount of data. Not only that, it is able to collect and summarise the data of all including clients, viewers, what are their searches and purchases which further enhances the data results. Then brands and businesses can make use of the data to do research and development to retain their customers and even attract new ones. Live stream shopping is able to generate large databases like this when there are hundreds and even thousands of viewers are watching the live stream and this results in brands’ product sales rising. It also helps in creating relatable engagement strategies that align with what the customers want.

Increased conversion rates: Live stream shopping is very effective in converting viewers to customers. Through live stream shopping, brands emits appealing touch that increases traffic. The fashion industry has been able to increase brand presence by 20% through live stream shopping where they engage viewers with various influencers.

Want to see and feel how live stream shopping is like? Kuick can help you with that. Kuick is a free live stream shopping and you can simply register and look at how a live stream shopping looks like. If you are a brand owner, maybe you can download the Shopify app instead. This helps you to integrate your products inside Kuick.

In this era of endemic, live stream shopping has help viewers enjoy a real time experience as if they are shopping in store. Brands can be in contact with the viewers in the live chat and this makes an amazing pathway to more advanced features technology can create. Look forward to the changes that will be introduced in the future!

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