Gamification spur rise of ‘retailtainment’

Gamification spur rise of ‘retailtainment’

Including entertainment into live stream shopping can be difficult but for people with experiences it can be easy. An example would be Mdada, worth at least S$4 million in a span of two months in 2021. This number is immense that some businesses hardly achieve.

How did they achieve it? For starters they have partnered up with local retailers, not limited to specific industry so that means viewers can look for their own live stream show preference. Now, Mdada ventured overseas and promotes live stream shopping events with a skin beauty brand in Germany and a bag retailer in Italy to Singapore viewers.

They are able to make it entertaining through time-limited tactics; one-off coupons and free gifts.

“We try to create this sense of urgency … It’s very immersive. This means that you get to keep viewers on your platform longer,” Pornsak said.

Another example will be Ms Lam, who sells crystal jewellery. She used to earn sales not more than S$100 per week, however it has rise up to S$2,000 and S$3,000 a week after going live.

Ms Lam even stated going live is less work as typically selling online in a marketplace would need many photos and videos, and labelling each piece.

With the growth of live stream shopping, of course, correspondingly the retailers onboard has grown up to almost double the amount compared to the past year.

Ms Priscilla Ng, despite started selling live since 2019, find the increase of retailers a way of her to rethink her strategy in order to stand out against the competition.

“Overnight, suddenly everybody wanted to sell handbags. People are just buying from Taobao and opening a live session to sell bags. I don’t want to be caught selling the same bags … Covid forced us to really think of how to keep the customer, ” said Ms Ng, who co-founded a Closet Full of Bags with her sister.

This is how the Ng sisters took a diploma course on bags, and started designing their own bags instead of just reselling stock from an overseas supplier to local consumers.

This is where gamification of live stream shopping spurted, where they will have special launches of mystery bags in the live stream shopping event. Ms Ng also sometimes play games with her audience or open bids for certain bags.

“(When that happens), you can see the comments flooding and the viewership goes up,” said Ms Ng.

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