Factors for people on choosing live stream shopping

In Singapore for Ms Nur Rahmah Jaafar, she was one of the rare breed of millenials that prefer shopping in retail where she is able to touch and feel the items as compared to shopping online.

But all that changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Now she regularly shops online for her & her son.

However it is not the typical online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee or Qoo10. Ms Nur Rahmah buys them through live stream shopping events.

“I am the kind who likes to go out and experience myself. The thing that comes close to an interaction is an IG live. You have the model modelling (the clothes) for you. It’s as close as you can get to real life,” said Ms Nur Rahmah, who shops about once or twice a month through these live stream sessions.

Besides interactions, gamification of the live streams such as quiz and contests made Ms Nur Rahmah hooked to watch live streams.

“You get addicted to it … Some IG live (stream sessions) can be very competitive. You have to bid for the product and fastest fingers first. There is that thrill that comes with it,” she said.

Ms Lynnette Goh, 30 also agrees but it caused her at a disadvantage for impulse buying.

“When I watch a live stream, I always get very hungry to buy the item. It’s very fun to watch, it fuels your need for it. But sometimes I buy already then regret, because it’s fuelled by emotional decisions,” said the content manager.

Nowadays, only an online store or online presence isn’t enough with the growth of online retailers as well as the pandemic inducing towards digitisation. The trick is to stay innovative by involving the brand with the latest technology such as augmented reality as well as an omni-channel approach to enhance shopping experience.

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