Differences between traditional shopping and live stream shopping

Before you begin, allow us to introduce Kuick, a live stream shopping platform, free to use and only take small percentage of commission when you manage to make any sales in the live stream shopping platform. If you are just using the live stream, no charges will be implied. For more convenience, download the Shopify app here, where you can enjoy instant products uploaded into your Kuick account. Now let’s start!


In traditional shopping, retail stores are present as branches in specific places. People with transport and are accesible to go to the retail stores can simply shop with ease. However, to people living in remote areas, they simply can’t shop as they don’t have the transport to travel just to go the retail store. There are also limitations to people who would love to get a brand’s product but they don’t live in that country and they cannot get it as they don’t have the expenses and spending to go there. This limitation doesn’t apply to live stream shopping, as live streams happens virtually so people don’t need to be physically available while they can still enjoy and have the products reach their doorstep.


With the pandemic going around, traditional shopping for non essentials like beauty, accessories are risky and people would still choose to shop online rather than going in stores to purchase these products. For live stream shopping, they can still maintain communication without the risk as it is contactless and any consultations or questions and answer session done within the platform is safe and risk free.


You can touch and feel products that are available in a retail shopping, although some stores still choose not to allow users to do try ons as the pandemic will cause risks of contracting the virus if try ons are allowed. However, live stream shopping, even though products are not present to touch, the host can help with assessing the product, you can ask them to try on a lot of things with the product and the host can help satisfy any curiosities.


With traditional shopping, some stores have a limitation of not accepting credit card payments or only allow purchases of certain amount to accept cards. This can be frustrating for shoppers if they prefer to go cashless and atm machines aren’t always around to withdraw cash. The difference with live stream shopping is that, it is online and nowadays with third party payments, businesses are able to accept any type of credit and debit card payments in the website which makes it easy for shoppers to purchase.


Traditional shopping interaction will be more realistic as shoppers get to interact directly with the sales person, however, in a live stream shopping, you will come across shoppers that share the same interest as you which makes the interaction totally different from the experience of traditional shopping.

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