Delivery shortage with online shopping

As of now, people are converting themselves to become online shoppers, however, there is a problem with these convenient online stores. They have shortage in deliveries.

“I have not been successful since last week, despite stock apparently moving and slots being taken up, no idea when they are made available or when new slots are put up,” said the 31-year-old, Ms Tasha Abdul Mutalib.

Another shopper, who wanted to be known only as Mrs Chee, said she usually orders her groceries online fortnightly on Thursdays, with her items being delivered two to four days later.

“It took about two to three weeks before the delivery slots became normal,” the 39-year-old recalled.

Online platforms are trying to meet the demands by partnering up with logistics companies and even logistics companies are also constantly hiring people to work as drivers or dispatchers.

Why not, to compensate, use live stream shopping as a way of sharing latest updates of company situation so customers can understand better or give tips through live stream sessions on how to store foods longer so it doesn’t deteriorate quickly. Or introduce bundle packages in live stream shopping so products are distributed fairly to people.

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