Can I do live stream shopping with Shopify?

Now, the Kuick app allows you to shop with your favorite influencers and broadcasters.

The first live streaming shopping platform in Latin America, Kuick gives merchants the streamlined method of implementing its online live stream app with no upfront cost.

A Shopify study shows that 33.3% of stores with Live Shopping Chat and Video installed sell 1000–4999 different products.

By installing the Kuick app, merchants can benefit from:

An in-store shopping experience with live video streaming to a mobile device.

Personalized product recommendations based on an individual’s taste and preferences.

An embeddable live video player that works responsively in mobile and desktop devices is available for all users.

Shopify makes it possible to sell directly from your store and avoids the need for a separate checkout process. In-stream purchasing through full integration with inventory and Shopify’s native shopping cart allows you to skip the extra step of logging in or checking out separately.

To integrate your Shopify account with Kuick you need to have both a Kuick and a Shopify account. Once you’ve done that, download the free app on in inside of Shopify so it can sync together seamlessly!

Download the Shopify app here!

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Kuick’s Shopify App

Kuick, the LIVE Shopping APP.



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