26 Top Shopping Startups in Santiago Pt II

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3 min readMay 26, 2022

Okay it might be a bit too long to summarise these wonderful and exciting companies and startups in a single article. So it has been decided that it needs a part two so you don’t have to spend the whole day reading the article.

Moving on next, Groupon Latam. You must have heard Groupon, a global marketplace that connects their subscribers with local merchants. Groupon Latam does so by offering deal of the day website and it offers discounted gift certificates that can be used locally and internationally.

Number twelve on the list, Grupo INALEN, a clothing company that designs and sells lingerie for both men and women. Rarely have we ever heard a combined brand that sells lingerie for both and this is why they are sought after. Not only that, their website also offers other brands that are well known such as Sloggi, Triumph and Palmers.

Next is Blue Mall, a well known shopping mall in the area that has its own website that people can shop and browse.

RegalBox, a platform that provides product for a human’s well being such as entertainment — gaming products and spiritual — rock salt lamp. This is a trend that has just started and it is growing in Chile.

Next, Maties, a platform that focuses on home living and daily products such as home decor, cosmetics, gifts, sports and pet products. Now shopping for home living and daily products are made easy and virtual!

Opticas Place Vendome, a platform with design and manufacturing services as well as providing various brands of fashion, sports and luxury essentials, well suited for shoppers looking for these products.

Cupoclick, an e-commerce platform with the accessories, gadgets, household and cosmetic products. Who doesn’t love a website with an all category combined into one single platform?

Escompring, more focused towards sustainability, it is a website with small business owners passionate about a sustainable trade market with express shipping ranging from 24–48 hours.

Unique Shopping Centre, a platform with brands that we grew up loving like Bubblegummers and NorthStar, they provide various brands as well as an outlet section for shoppers to browse.

Coliseum store, almost similar to Unique Shopping Centre, it provides shoppers with brands and sport brands for shoppers to browse and buy.

Llongueras Chile, an e-commerce site offering beauty and cosmetics. This is suitable for beauty and cosmetics lovers to focus on browsing beauty products without any other products non related to cosmetics popping up in the site.

We’ve heard about Imperial S.A. that provides wood board and its machinery. Now there is La Juana, an e-commerce platform that provides shoppers with plant and soil-related materials.

O raposo, a website with pre designed clothes ranging from t-shirts and hoodies for all categories. Suitable for merchandises as they also include mugs.

Pares & Alvarez, a civil engineering firm that deals with consulting, advisory, process and project engineering and industrial solutions. It is unlikely an engineering firm has their own website with details people can look up to, this is why this made it to the list.

Hookah Design Thinking, a company that helps other companies to incorporate Design Thinking as a main methodology.

Well we are finally at the final list and it is MABE MODA, an online multi store brand that offers sneaker, fashion, clothing as well as foot wear. It is a website similar to Unique Shopping Center and Coliseum Store.

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