26 Top Shopping Startups in Santiago Pt I

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2 min readMay 26, 2022


Looking for exciting web developments or startups that Santiago has to offer? Well look no further! In this article, startups mentioned below have taken creative and fun approach to the shopping world and be sure to check them all out!

Startups selected are based on their innovation and growth. Innovation based on ideas, route to market and product. Growth based on exceptional growth and strategy. As well as their management and societal impact.

For the first on the list, there is:

GoodMeal. GoodMeal helps consumer facing businesses to reduce food wastage with the help of technology.

Moving on to the next company, Vestua. Vestua is a secondhand fashion marketplace for women. Who doesn’t love preloved exclusive items? Especially now that they are on trend and it also helps reduce the support of fast fashion industry.

Third on the list is Iwana Cash. Iwana Cash is a cashback site that gives their users their money back for daily purchases with affiliated brands. This is a great deal or saving for people who love to shop so they get cash back after spending a great amount of money.

Fourth on list is Kuick. Kuick is a live stream shopping app that has been used by thousands to sell and buy. What’s fun in Kuick is that brands can offer deals and include promo codes that provides products an exclusive discount that shoppers could not get in their websites.

Next is Adiktivo, just like this article where we list out exciting companies and startups for you to check out, Adiktivo is a platform specific for this function. Adiktivo aggregates online fashion stores for shoppers to browse and shop.

Incoming after Adiktivo is Tottus. Tottus offers a chain of Chilean hypermarkets. You can shop and spend without having to go to different websites when Tottus can offer these brands in their website.

Just like Tottus, Buskalibre offers all retail brands with the most complete online catalogue of Latin America. This eases shoppers to search up any retail products they would like to get or survey on.

Almost similar, Paris is also a platform that offers various department stores in Chile. These three website that brings various departments in a centralised manner helps shoppers with product browsing as well as getting to know in detail what the product can offer.

Next, Imperial S.A., a consumer goods wholesale firm that deals with distribution and sale services of wood boards as well as the machineries and equipments. This eases shoppers that are dealing with renovations or even home improvement as well as fixtures to shop wood related products without going out from their home.

Other than that, there is Prosud, a food and beverage company that sells logistics and storage of products. Who doesn’t like to shop for food? Especially now that it is online, people don’t have to go out and they can shop leisurely in the comfort of their homes.

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